The Best 7 Scenic Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Gloucestershire

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Gloucestershire is known for its picturesque landscapes, ancient woodlands, and historic charm. Its lush valleys, rolling hills, and charming villages make it a beautiful pre-wedding photo shoot location. As a local Gloucester based photographer and videographer, it’s a privilege for me to explore this area.

Choosing the pre wedding photo shoot locations

Deciding on the location for your pre-wedding or wedding photoshoot is a very personal choice. A lot of people want the location to reflect some of their character and history, and many go for a location that is special to them for personal reasons.

It could be the place where you first met your partner, a place you like to visit frequently, or a viewpoint that you both admire. It should be a place that inspires feelings of romance and joy for you and your partner.

Practicality of the wedding photoshoot

When choosing your location, you need to think about the practicality of having a photoshoot there. If the viewpoint is a 2-hour walk from the closest parking, that may be difficult on the day, especially if you’re in wedding gowns and suits. Plan accordingly if the location is difficult to get to. Make sure to discuss this with your wedding photographer before meeting on the shoot day.

The best season for a wedding shoot

When planning photography in Gloucestershire, it’s a good idea to think about the seasons. What do you want to showcase in the photographs? The seasons impact the backdrop of the photoshoot, especially if it is an outdoor photoshoot. In Gloucestershire, there are many different types of landscape, from rolling hills to city scenes. The landscape looks different throughout the seasons.

Wedding photoshoots in Gloucestershire

It can be hard to pick out the perfect location for your wedding photoshoot. The choices below are our favourites and include both historic venues and scenic viewpoints. From picture-perfect villages in the Cotswolds to the regency town of Cheltenham spa and historical buildings in Gloucester, Read on to find the best wedding photoshoot locations in Gloucestershire.

1. Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral, a gothic church with towers and spires, is illuminated, creating a lens flare effect. The cathedral, with its ancient and solemn stone facade, perfect for a wedding photoshoot.
The magnificent and elaborate interior of Gloucester Cathedral. Ribbed vaults support the ceiling, and flying buttresses hold the building up. Stained glass windows illuminate the stone floor below, making it ideal for photography.
Photography Location Gloucester Cathedral with Gothic architectural features. The altar area, with its stained-glass windows and big crucifix, is the focal point.

Gloucester Cathedral is a wonderful option for a wedding photoshoot location. Gloucester Cathedral, a beautiful gothic church built in 1089, is one of the most important heritage structures in the UK. The grand building has been a key part of history and religion for almost a thousand years. Over the years, countless people have congregated here in faith, prayer, and union. What better place to get your wedding photography done? It’s an all-time magnificant indoor photo shoot location for photography, as natural light streams through the stained glass windows. The outdoor structure makes the photos even more outstanding in the summer or on a sunny day.

To have a photo session in Gloucester Cathedral, you’ll need to apply and pay a fee. The breathtaking background of the cloisters and interior courtyard is well worth it, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. The first two films used the interior of Gloucester Cathedral as a shooting location. The cathedral gets busy on weekends as it is a tourist destination. You can have your photoshoot around the exterior of the cathedral with no application or fee. The Cathedral is a church, so it may not be available for photo sessions on your desired date and time.

2. Pitville Pump Rooms Cheltenham

Pitville Pump Rooms are a popular choice for a wedding photoshoot in Gloucestershire. Opened in 1830, the Pitville Pump Room was the largest spa to open in Cheltenham. The Pitville Pump Room would make a great choice for an engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot in Gloucestershire. It is a regal building set in the tranquil surroundings of Pitville Park and Lakes. In spring, the park is full of flowers.

Photoshoots in front of the building in the stunning parkland is free. It can be busy on weekends as it is popular with locals. If you wish to have photography inside the building, you will need to contact Pitville Pump Rooms and pay a fee. Because it is a wedding venue and event space, it may not be available for photo sessions on the requested date and time.

3. Painswick Rococo Gardens

Painswick Rococo Gardens would be the perfect place for a wedding photoshoot in Gloucestershire. With 18th-century architecture and fields full of glorious flowers, this location is elegant and beautiful. If you plan your shoot for February, thousands of white snowdrops will carpet the ground. There isn’t much shelter from the elements here, so try to visit on a dry day. Weekdays are the best time to visit, as they will be quieter.

This is the UK’s only surviving Rococo Garden, a fashionable type of landscaped garden from the 1700’s. The location is unique for a photo session. Reconnect with nature on your pre-wedding photoshoot by embracing the outdoors in Gloucestershire. To have a photoshoot in the gardens, you’ll need to apply to Painswick Rococo Garden and pay a fee.

4. Bourton-on-the-Water

Bourton-on-the- Water is one of the most picturesque villages in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This makes it a great option for wedding photography. There is both history and beauty in this part of the Cotswolds. Romance and calmness settle over every quaint bridge and next to every thatched cottage.

You can splash about in the stream running through the village. This is a popular tourist destination, so weekends and summers can get extremely busy. June and September are best for photography here, as the weather is good but there are fewer people around. There are no fees for having an engagement, pre-wedding photoshoot in Bourton-on-the-Water.

5. Symonds Yat Rock Forest of Dean

If you’re searching for a wedding photoshoot location in the Forest of Dean, this beautiful viewpoint is little known but well loved. Symonds Yat Rock would make a lovely choice for your wedding photoshoot in Gloucestershire. The viewpoint juts out of the forest canopy, providing magnificent views over the Wye Valley and the River Wye.

This location speaks of a love of the outdoors and conveys an adventurous relationship as well as retaining a timeless romance. It can be popular with hikers on weekends and throughout the summer. This is another place full of natural beauty, suitable for all weathers, especially the summer months.

6. Suedeley Castle, Winchcombe

With a 1000-year history and 10 landscaped gardens, Suedeley Castle is a famous wedding venue and one of the outstanding photoshoot locations in Gloucestershire. Built and decorated in the Tudor style, the castle is opulent and charming. The interior is no less picturesque than the exterior.

Suedeley Castle is a place that many royals have visited over the years. If you’re seeking luxury and outdoor space, choose Suedeley Castle for your wedding photography. It is busy in December as there is a Christmas light trail. Spring is magical here, as the gardens come to life and the weather gets better. To book your engagement or pre-wedding at Suedeley Castle, contact their events manager and pay a fee. Again, this is a wedding venue, so it may not be available for taking pictures on your preferred date and time.

7. Arlington Row, Bibury

The picturesque 14th-century cottages of Arlington Row in Bibury have appeared in many films and TV shows. The box-office hit film Stardust was filmed there. It is also one of the most photographed places in the country. The National Trust owns the cottages due to their historical significance. It is one of the most well-preserved streets in the U.K.

It is busy on weekends and during the summer. There can be hundreds of visitors a day in the summer. A photoshoot here in the spring would be best, as the weather is fine, but there will be fewer visitors. While there, take into consideration that some of the cottages have private accommodations. It is definitely worth a visit.

The top 7 wedding photo shoot locations in Gloucestershire

These are our top 8 wedding photoshoot locations in Gloucestershire. They combine a mix of indoor and outdoor space, free access and paid entry, historic venues, and scenic landscapes. Each location is unique in its’ own way. All the locations are extremely beautiful, making them perfect places for photography.

FAQ’s on wedding photoshoots

Q. What should I wear on a wedding photoshoot?

Think about the weather, seasons and what you want the photographs to convey.

Q. I’m camera shy, how do I get past that?

Discuss this with your photographer before. During the shoot try to think about why you’re having the photos taken and forget the camera is there.

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