The Best Sikh Wedding Photography Birmingham and Sikh wedding Videography Birmingham

Sikh wedding photography and videography Birmingham. sounds like quite a boast, but at Harvest Creative Media, we really believe that we create the very best Sikh wedding photography and Sikh Wedding videography Birmingham.

There are three reasons for this:

  •  Firstly, we are from the Sikh community in Birmingham ourselves, and so we know the cultural heritage that goes with that. We are well versed in all aspects of Sikh wedding ceremonies.
  • The second reason is our incredible equipment – we take pride in having the latest and the best photography and video cameras money can buy. Ours are HD ready, which means that they capture the tiniest of details and work well indoors and out. They are also digital, enabling hundreds of photos to be taken as well as hours of footage. We also have technical additions such as camera sliders and independent sound equipment, which means we can record the quietest sounds as clearly as if we were standing next to you, totally unobtrusively.
  • Thirdly, at Harvest Creative Media we are artists. The best of equipment won’t help if you don’t understand how to compose a shot, don’t know which angles are most flattering, or don’t know what kind of lighting is going to make the wedding party look as beautiful as possible. We also like to notice the little details, including the humorous moments and what your family’s children are up to – all of these add up to a brilliant wedding film – in fact, the best Sikh wedding photography Birmingham and Sikh Wedding Videography Birmingham.

Sikh Wedding Photography

Sikh Wedding Videography

Timeless Sikh Wedding Photography and Videography in Birmingham

We take our job seriously, and are totally respectful to the Sikh culture and traditions. We’re ready to capture all the traditional moments of the Anand Karaj – the Sikh Wedding.

We are there to capture the moving moments of the Milni, and record as the Ardaas is offered. We find the best position to photograph as the couple circle the Guru Granth Sahib, and share in the joy as Karah Pasad is distributed.

Star in Your Own Sikh Wedding Film

We’re ready to capture all the preparations on the day and beforehand, and we wouldn’t miss the feasting and after party! Some couples also like to have a European ceremony too – we capture every moment of that.

Then, as the loving couple start their first moments of married life, we’re back in the studio busily editing our footage into a beautiful and timeless film. We’ll add your choice of music, along with titles and even a specially designed cover for the DVD to make sure that your wedding video is unique and perfect – a special memento of the best day of your life, and the best Sikh wedding photography and videography in Birmingham.

Sikh Wedding photography work

Wedding photography

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