Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

Affordable Wedding Videography Packages


Wedding Photography and Videography Prices

When you’re getting married, everything has to be perfect. You’ve chosen your venue, picked your flowers, booked the catering and invited your guests. Now, you need to choose a photographer who will capture the entire day and all its happy moments! You need the firm with the best wedding photography packages.

Harvest Creative Media have photographed and filmed many weddings, and have years of experience behind them. We specialize in both Asian and European weddings, and know when the special moments occur in each ceremony, be that Christian, Hindu, Gujarati, Bangladeshi, Hindu or secular weddings. This means we are ready to capture each moment you want to remember and cherish. 

We have the best wedding photography packages. You have the opportunity to choose from options including unlimited photographs, which you will receive on DVD. You can then choose your favourite moments, and have prints made of them. Although, we have to warn you, it can be hard to choose from so many beautiful shots! You can have as many printed as you want though, from our expert printing service, and choose whether you want smaller prints made to put in albums or larger ones for framing – we can even print your favourites onto large canvases to hang in pride of place in your home. Our consultants will discuss which wedding photography packages in Birmingham will suit you best and make suggestions. We’re even happy to make up a bespoke package with extra options to suit you – just tell us what you need.

Our wedding photography packages also include options to add videography, and we will film your ceremony with one or two HD cameras, and edit the results into a beautiful film with music and title sequences. You can have a choice of static cameras, placed just right to capture the action, and moving ones (complete with camera person, of course) to strategically focus in on particular moments. Or any combination you wish for. We will even design the cover to your DVD and print it, and upload it to the internet so that you can easily share it with family, friends, and guests, both those who were there and those who couldn’t make it.

We pride ourselves on being artistic as well as extremely cost-effective. If you look at our wedding photography packages, you’ll notice how keenly priced they are – but that’s just one part of their appeal. Our staff is trained in photography and videography to choose angles and lighting that are artistic and flattering to the whole wedding party, as well as having the detailed technical knowledge to use our state of the art equipment to its full capacity. If you’ve dreamed of a wedding video that looks as professional as a Bollywood or Hollywood production, now’s your chance. After all, you’ll be watching this movie over and over for many years to come, so you want to choose the best you can get! Photographer Packages, Wedding Videography Package, Wedding Video Packages.

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