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It’s wedding season again and perhaps you’re wondering about the things that need to be done for a picture-perfect wedding. Out of everything, a few years down the line everything will be forgotten but what remains are memories in the form of photographs. It’s only natural for you to feel anxious about making the right choices. What kind of wedding photography price packages should you look for? Should you choose an individual or an agency for affordable wedding photography? What considerations need to go into this seemingly easy but actually most difficult decision? 

Here are a few tips that we’ve dug up to help you choose the right wedding photography prices and packages that fit your budget and taste. 



This is always the trickiest part when planning wedding photography. Should you pay more or less? What should you settle for? What is the right budget for affordable wedding photography, after all, you have to allocate your budget somewhere else too? There is much going back and forth till there is a consensus. Some believe that keeping a certain percentage of the budget aside is a wise move. But it is best to follow your heart and keep aside advice for another day. Take a moment and analyze how much your wedding pictures mean to you and decide accordingly. At Harvest Creative Media we strive to get you the best wedding photography price packages.



Not all photography styles will suit you. This is why you need a versatile wedding photographer who can mold himself according to your needs. Harvest Creative Media has a team of versatile photographers who can listen to you carefully and mold themselves to your needs. The affordable wedding packages won’t disappoint you either. We can tailor your wedding photographs to your needs and even throw in tips to make your day even more memorable. 



Take a look at the portfolio of the wedding photographers you are looking at. Their portfolios will tell you a lot about their style of working and if they can capture that extra sweetness of the moment. Ensure that the photographer has individual weddings listed in their portfolio. You do not want to select a photographer who shares select photos from each wedding shoot. 



It is quite normal to look at dazzling pictures and get bedazzled yourself. However, look at the consistency that the wedding photographer can provide. Ensure that they have covered all the events with the same vigor and not just the D’ Day. Do not forget to match the quality of photographs from day and night. There is a very huge difference when the lighting needs to be adjusted. 

These 4 tips are the main tips you need to keep in mind for choosing affordable wedding photography. Make your day special and memorable, capturing the best moments of family and friends. If you’re looking for wedding photography prices packages contact us at Harvest Creative Media.

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