How Many Hours Do You Need A Wedding Photographer For?

One of the main concerns that most couples have or one of the questions that they have is how many hours do they need a photographer for their wedding day. They are trying to figure out their budget and the costs involved for capturing their magical day. Depending on how far away the wedding day is, it is not actually that important of a factor especially a year, a year and a half before the wedding.


Wedding photographers don’t expect people to have their timeline for the day totally dialed in where they know exactly how long they might need that service. It is hard to know what the schedule of the day might look like when it is a year and a half or so before the wedding. To help you plan your wedding day timeline, use a guide and write down estimates of how the day should go. Has a great article with tips on how to plan out your wedding day.

It is important to find a wedding photographer that can be flexible with their time. Most wedding photographers are only scheduling one wedding per day, so whether in the end you need their services for eight hours or nine hours or ten hours, it should not be a factor if you are paying for a wedding photography package and not by the hour. For most professional photographers it will be a marginal different price point, so it should not be a huge budget concern.


If you are talking with a potential wedding photographer and they seem to make you worried about time constraints, maybe they are not the right choice for your wedding. After all, this is your big day! Their job is to capture the magical moments and take that stress away from you and your future spouse. Harvest Creative Media is flexible with our clients and is usually a bit of a relief for them to know that whether it turns out to be eight, nine, ten hours is totally fine.


Most wedding packages are usually for eight to ten hours. This is an industry standard amount of time, an excellent amount of time to really cover the whole day from start to finish. Harvest Creative Media offers a few options that go above and beyond that standard.


Your photographer should want to be there to document what’s happening. The amount required for your big day is something that you will figure out at some point before the wedding. It doesn not have to be at the initial booking process or  a year before the wedding. Something to keep in mind when you are  looking for a photographer is the flexibility that they can provide.

Harvest Creative Media can customize each wedding depending on the couple’s needs. For example, different types of Asian weddings have different timing. Many Hindu and Sikh weddings generally go over 10 hours. Sometimes they can take between 12-18 hours of work to capture that special day. Depending on what parts of the day need to be captured on film, Harvest Creative Media can provide you with the best solutions.

If you would like some more information about how much time you think you may need for your wedding day, contact Harvest Creative Media today to schedule a  consultation. You can look at our pricing list here. Remember, we can always serve your needs.


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