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Looking for the best Hindu wedding photography and videography Birmingham? You need look no further.

At Harvest Creative Media we have a wealth of experience in Hindu wedding photography and videography Birmingham. We are based in the area, and, having Asian heritage ourselves, are familiar with all types of Asian weddings.

We combine that knowledge with an immense knowledge of photography and videography. We’re not just your average wedding photographers, but artists of note. We make sure that your Hindu wedding photography and videography in Birmingham images look like a high quality film.

If you’ve ever imagined yourself starring in a romantic movie, now’s the moment! We know how to pick flattering angles, and capture the romantic moments, the cute ones and the funny ones.

We also know, of course, which moments in a Hindu ceremony are incredibly important too, and we’re ready to film and photograph all of them. We will capture Jayamaala, as the families meet, and be in a good position ready for Madhu-Parka at the mandap. Then, we will record Gau Daan and Kanya Pratigrahan. After that we will capture all the stages of Vivaha-homa. Paanigrahan follows and we are there to record the moment of the bride and groom’s vows. Shilarohan and Laaja Homa come next, and then it’s time for Sapta-Padi, where we will witness the couple tying the knot. Finally, we will record the new couple in Surya Darshan and Dhruva Darshan and observe them receiving Ashirvada.


Hindu Wedding Rituals

We’ll also be there for all the pre wedding rituals, and we wouldn’t miss the after party! We’ll have our top of the range digital photographic cameras as well as HD digital film cameras, to catch every moment. We’ll take informal photos as well as a formal wedding portrait of the bride and groom, and the entire wedding party.

But that’s not all. While bride and groom are taking the first steps in married life, we’re busy editing your film into a seamless show-piece. We take all the hours of footage we’ve collected, add music and titles, as well as special effects, and create a stunning movie of your entire wedding. We’ll even design you a cover for the DVD, and then make as many copies as you’d like for all the family and guests to remember. Our Hindu wedding photography and videography in Birmingham is stunning.

At the same time we’ll prepare an album of photographs for you to treasure. We’ll show you all the digital photographs and you can choose your favourites for the wedding album.

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We provide Hindu wedding Photography and videography services in Birmingham, West Midlands, Leeds, Bristol Cardiff areas.

Hindu Weddings

“Now let us make a vow together. We shall share love, share the same food, share our strengths, share the same tastes. We shall be of one mind, we shall observe the vows together. I shall be the Sama Veda, you the Rig Veda, I shall be the Upper World, you the Earth…” The vows of a Hindu wedding are straight out of the Vedas.

With our wedding videography experience, the professionals at Harvest Creative Media like to capture the elaborate affair of a Hindu wedding with a cinematic touch. Through a detailed consultation, we like to find out the needs of the couple and style our productions to bring out the concept – that a Hindu wedding is an ancient ceremony conducted in the presence of Agni or the Sacred Fire God.

The wedding is preceded by a lot of rituals. Our wedding videography and photography is about capturing the colour of occasions like the ring ceremony, a sangeet, a henna/mehndi party and the cleansing ceremony when turmeric is used on both the bride and groom to beautify them for their wedding day.

While the bride is traditionally decked in a red sari or lehenga for the wedding day, the groom is dressed in an ivory/white coloured sherwani or dhoti and kurta. And the families bring out their ornate gold jewellery with pomp. So with our services we make sure we have colourful video productions. Through these productions, it becomes imperative that our journey with the couple starts from the moment they want to get married.

Along with cheap professional services, we like to offer you a modern take on a traditional wedding with the latest equipments for filming and editing. We spend extensive time on the editing and yes, our productions are unlike anything that a traditional videographer has for you.

Excellent Hindu Wedding Photography Bristol, Birmingham, West Midlands, Cardiff

We are experienced Hindu wedding cinematographers, photographers and videographers. We are familiar with the complexity of traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies. Our wedding videography and photography is about capturing the colour of occasions including pre-wedding events like the ring ceremony, sangeet, and henna/mehndi party. Through these productions, it becomes imperative that our journey with the couple starts from the moment they want to get married.

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