The 7 Best Locations in Birmingham Botanical Gardens for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

A bride and groom are standing on a wooden bridge in the woods at Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their wedding photoshoot. There are lush green trees and plants all around them, making a beautiful surrounding for their wedding photo shoot.

Experience the magic of immortalising your love story. As a trusted wedding photographer, I understand the value of love. I’ve had the privilege of capturing these moments in one of the most picturesque destinations –the Botanical Gardens. This exquisite park offers a plethora of locations for wedding photography. In this blog, I’ll reveal seven locations, each possessing its own unique allure. Highlighting features which will transform a special day into an enchanting love affair.

From the vibrant Rose Garden to the tranquil Japanese Gardens. Love blossoms amidst a sea of flowers. Every corner unveils a captivating setting. The historic glasshouses exuding an intimate ambiance. The whimsical Butterfly House dancing with sheer delight.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens serves as a location for photo shoots, attracting numerous couples who also opt to tie the knot here. Allow me to offer some tips for your portrait photography session.

Time is precious:

Consider scheduling your session during either morning or late afternoon—known as the “golden hours” when warm sunlight bathes everything in its radiant glow.

In my view, the months from April to September are particularly favourable. However, it’s always recommended to check the weather forecasts for your desired date.

Dress in harmony with nature.

Opt for attire that blends well with the surroundings. Earthy tones flowing dresses or classic suits that complement the backdrop are choices. Soft and pastel colours will also complement the greenery beautifully.

The Subtropical Glasshouse is an ideal location for beautiful Pre wedding photoshoot.

The couple is dressed in Asian Wedding attire, as they stand in the Subtropical Glasshouse, Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their Asian Wedding Photography. They are surrounded by lush greenery, including palm trees and other plants.

A gateway to beauty, there’s no doubt that the Subtropical Glasshouse’s one of the most sought after locations within the Botanical Gardens. The Tropical, Subtropical, Mediterranean, and Arid Houses are all situated nearby.

Irrespective of the season, you’ll find that the Subtropical Glasshouse is the perfect setting for a photo shoot. The combination of plants and elegant architecture guarantees unique photographs here.

Step into a world brimming with wonders as you enter the Subtropical Glasshouse. Immerse yourself in colours, towering palm trees, and extraordinary flora. This captivating location serves as a backdrop for your wedding photoshoot—a sanctuary where fragrant blooms perfume the air and love whispers abound. The light within the Subtropical Glasshouse creates an ambiance that accentuates your love of beauty.

Useful Tips:

Once you enter the gardens, you’ll find the glasshouse after the reception area. It’s a spot for visitors, which means it can get quite crowded. So documenting those moments without any distractions might be a bit challenging.

It’s ideal to take your shots in the morning when there are fewer people around.

Sometimes couples feel a bit uncomfortable in the glasshouse because of the humidity and controlled temperature.

A Pathway to Romance; Unforgettable Douglas Way

Douglas Way is a path that cuts through the peaceful pinetum at Botanical Gardens Birmingham. This peaceful setting with tall trees is ideal for couples who want to capture their love in nature. The winding path and tall pines naturally frame each shot, adding depth and dimension. It’s a choice for documentary style photography.

Rose Garden: A Picture Perfect Paradise

The couple is dressed in Asian Wedding attire, as they stand in the Subtropical Glasshouse, Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their Asian Wedding Photography. They are surrounded by lush greenery, including palm trees and other plants.

The Rose Garden is another location for wedding photography. As a wedding photographer myself, I highly recommend this spot because of its timeless beauty. The abundance of greenery and beautiful flowers creates a setting for portraits.
The stunning colour scheme of reds, pinks, and whites forms an atmosphere that photographs the essence of your love.

Marvel at the view of the glasshouse standing tall in the distance. The elegant architecture seamlessly blends nature and human craftsmanship, creating an atmosphere for celebrating your love. Additionally, it’s a beautiful location with a lot of natural light for the wedding party photos.

If you’re fortunate, you may even catch a glimpse of peacocks in the vicinity during moments of tranquility. These magnificent birds naturally add a touch of magic to your wedding photos.

The Bandstand, a tranquil sanctuary in your wedding venue, blends love with blissful moments.

The couple is dressed in Asian Wedding attire, as they stand in the Subtropical Glasshouse, Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their Asian Wedding Photography. They are surrounded by lush greenery, including palm trees and other plants.

The bandstand offers another location for documenting beautiful wedding photos. It’s vintage charm transports you to an era filled with timeless romance. With blooming flowers and towering trees surrounding it, the bandstand provides a backdrop for a photo shoot. Let the lush surroundings enhance your intimacy as you take stage at this captivating spot. It’s ideal for wide angle shots.

A Symphony of Love; The Fountain, at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The couple is dressed in Asian Wedding attire, as they stand in the Subtropical Glasshouse, Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their Asian Wedding Photography. They are surrounded by lush greenery, including palm trees and other plants.

Situated near the bandstand, the fountain is a picturesque spot for exploring. This beautiful place complements the bandstand perfectly. Adds to its allure.
Nature provides a backdrop for your love story, creating a setting. Picture yourselves standing in a garden adorned with a fountain, adding a touch of magic to create a scene.

One of the aspects of the fountain is its ability to reflect and enhance the beauty of its surroundings. The surface of the water acts like a mirror, doubling the impact of the scene and adding depth to create an image.

The movement of water adds energy and dynamism to photos and videos, making them more engaging for viewers.

Before planning your shoot, it’s important to confirm that The Fountain will be accessible on your desired day and time. We recommend reaching out to the Botanical Gardens administration for inquiries.

Hugh Nettle Fold Garden Bridge offers a picturesque location for wedding photography.

A Sikh Bride and Groom stand with the whole congregation to join in the Ardass at Gurdwara Hall.
The whole congregation joined in the Ardass after the Sikh Wedding Ceremony at the Gurdwara Hall

Indulge in the beauty of Hugh Nettle Fold Garden Bridge as it becomes part of your love story. This delightful spot showcases greenery and vibrant blooms that provide an atmosphere for preserving memories during your wedding photoshoot. You can experiment with poses. Create scenic silhouettes amidst this breathtaking setting.

The Japanese Garden: A Choice for Wedding Photoshoots

The Japanese Garden is another beautiful location for wedding photos. Immerse yourself in serenity as you explore this place, which suits various photography styles.

The Botanical Gardens boast designed landscapes featuring tranquil ponds, elegant bridges, and abundant greenery.
The Botanical Gardens offers a range of settings that’re perfect for pre-wedding photoshoots. Whether you’re looking for portraits or traditional scenes, this location has everything you need.

To make the most of your photoshoot at the Botanical Gardens I recommend visiting my website, where you can find information about our wedding photography and videography services. Additionally, it would be beneficial to explore the website of the Botanical Gardens for details.

 The pre-wedding photo locations at Birmingham Botanical Gardens are absolutely charming and unique. As you plan for your photoshoot, consider the timing, outfit choices, and accessibility of the location. Familiarise yourself with the gardens’ photography guidelines. With preparation and a talented photographer, your photos will document memories.

Additionally, it serves as a setting for wedding ceremonies. Birmingham Botanical Gardens offers a variety of wedding venue options to suit preferences.

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Feel free to send us a message if you want to know more about our wedding photography and videography services. We offer a range of services, such as pre-wedding shoots and photography for civil ceremonies. We specialise in Asian weddings. Covering the whole West Midlands area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What should I know before going to the Botanical Gardens for a photoshoot?

Before your visit, make sure to familiarise yourself with the garden’s photography policies. It’s also worth researching the ideal times to go based on lighting conditions and when plants and flowers are in bloom. Respecting and preserving the beauty of the gardens flora and fauna will benefit visitors. Lastly, check the weather forecast. Dress accordingly.

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