With so many options, how can you pick a wedding cake that will complement your meticulously planned big day? Wedding cakes exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as flavours and fillings, and are decorated in a variety of styles. It’s fair to say that deciding on a wedding cake style might be as difficult as deciding on a suit or dress! That’s why we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to guide you to choose the perfect wedding cake design to match your wedding theme and ensure your wedding cake the picture-perfect one.

How to choose the right wedding cake?


Choose your cake after you’ve finished arranging your wedding, not the other way round. You may believe you know just what type of wedding design style you want to use throughout your wedding ceremony, but don’t be too certain until you’ve figured it all out. When it comes to design styles, a lot of couples change their minds after seeing some blueprint designs. This could have a significant impact on the wedding’s overall look. After you’ve decided on the design and decorations of the venue, you may start thinking about the wedding cake. That way, you’ll be certain about the type of wedding cake which will complement your great event.



Despite that being said, most wedding cakes are complicated works of art that should be prepared weeks to months ahead, depending on the cake’s intricacy. Don’t leave it too late to order your wedding cake. You’ll only be disappointed in the end.



Wedding cakes are expensive. To get the wedding cake of your dreams, do some research and set a sensible budget. Always be open and honest about your budget with your cake maker. They’ll be able to build a bespoke design once they know what ballpark figure they’re working with. Be honest and transparent, and you’ll receive the greatest cake for your money. All cake manufacturers understand that brides and grooms will get at least 4-5 quotations and that they are competing for the opportunity to build your ideal cake.


Cake Baker

It’s crucial to find the best wedding cake baker. Even if someone comes highly recommended, always look at their previous work before entrusting them with your cake. Most wedding cake designers will have their own specialties, which might range from standard to unexpected. Do your homework and get a meeting with your favourite baker so you can examine examples of past cakes they’ve created. A good baker, such as the lovely people at Have Some Cake, will have an artistic eye and will be able to assist you in selecting a unique design for your wedding. Make sure to always taste-test the flavours you want. You want your wedding cake to be as delicious as it is beautiful.



Know what size wedding cake you require. If you’re planning a small, intimate wedding, don’t make the mistake of ordering a large wedding cake. It’ll just end up being thrown away. Select a cake size that corresponds to the number of guests expected at your wedding.

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