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We Capture Every Part Of Your Wedding Day With The Best Asian Wedding Videography Birmingham. 

Asian Wedding Videography Birmingham


As a team of Asian wedding videographer Birmingham we really aim to capture the joy of every moment, and our skilled photographers are excellent at blending in and making everyone feel relaxed. You’ll see in our show reel and gallery that nobody is stiff and awkward, but our films are full of humour and beauty. We are true Asian wedding videography Birmingham, creating a film of brilliance and panache. We’re never satisfied with simply creating a wedding video such as you’ve seen before: we aim to rival the best films. Bet you never thought you could start in your own romantic movie! Our equipment is top of the range. We have HD ready cameras, for highly detailed shots. We also have Steadicams, which means we can move around and capture the action completely smoothly, without any jerkiness or blurs. We have independent sound recording equipment too, camera sliders, and all the accessories you’d expect from a top Asian Wedding videographers Birmingham. On the day itself, we can have several cameramen at your disposal. We can dispatch them to capture the preparations at both the bride and groom’s house, taking in every moment as the bride and her bridesmaids get ready to look their glorious best, and at the groom’s house too. Then we’ll film the families as they set off on the wedding procession, and at the venue, we’ll have found the best position in advance to set up out cameras to capture maximum detail, without getting in the way of the ceremony itself. Whatever Asian culture your wedding celebrates, we know how the ceremony works, so we  know when to focus on important details. We’ll capture every moment beautifully.

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Beautiful Asian Wedding Videography Birmingham

We will then take portraits of the happy bride and groom outside, and a series of wonderful photos and footage of the happy couple and guests. If your ceremony is over several days, or y ou plan to have more than one type of ceremony, we’ll be there for the whole event. But that’s only the start of the creation of your amazing wedding film. We’ll edit the footage into something amazing. We’ll ask you what music you’d like, and any special details you’d prefer. Then, using our top of the range editing equipment, we’ll create a professional film from all the hours of footage we’ve shot. We can add in still photos and special effects, create title sequences and add songs. We’ll even design a cover for the DVD. When we’ve finished we’ll present you with the most beautiful film you’ve ever watched – and you’ll want to view it time and time again. Contact us for the very best Asian wedding videography Birmingham.

 Asian Wedding Videographers Birmingham


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Asian wedding cinematographers Birmingham


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When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a great deal to consider. You need to think about outfits, booking the ceremony, who to invite, and arrange food, decorations, etc. The services of a wedding planner can really come in handy here, and if it’s an Asian wedding, you need a specialized Asian wedding planner.

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An Asian wedding planner will help you to consider all aspects of the wedding, and help you to book the best professionals. For example, you’ll need the services of a photographer who is familiar with all aspects of an Asian wedding, and ready to  capture them beautifully. Your Asian wedding planner will help you to find a photographer who can create photos that you will cherish, and not only that, who can film the event so that you can sit down many years from now to relive it, time and again. They can edit the video for you for perfect sound and colour, as well as removing any unwanted footage, and add the music of your choice, as well as special effects, title sequences and menu chapters.

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At Harvest Creative Media we work with your Asian wedding planner to do all of this. We have created beautiful and memorable wedding photographs and videos for Bangladeshi, Hindu, Muslim, Mirpuri, Sikh and Gujarati weddings. Please have a look at our gallery to see the quality of our artistry and for inspiration for your own pictures! We are based in Birmingham but have worked across the UK and internationally.  We also pride ourselves on using the latest equipment, including HD cameras and the best editorial suites, for a flawless montage video that you will be proud to show everyone, and can send out to all your guests. Your happy day will be captured forever, and those happy memories replayed time and time again.

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