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 Choosing your Indian Wedding Dress is one of the biggest sartorial moments of your life. With most clothes, it can be fun to try things out, but if they don’t suit you, or the fit’s not quite right, it doesn’t matter too much. But for your wedding day, things have to be perfect! This outfit has to look great on the day and in the wedding photos, and will be remembered by you and your family forever.

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Tips for choosing the perfect Indian Wedding Dress


Whatever style of dress you choose, traditional, contemporary, European or a fusion style, it has to be perfect. Try on lots of styles to see what will be the most suitable, and what suits you best. Take along a trusted friend, because not only will it make the process really fun, but you want someone you can rely on to tell you if something’s not your colour, or is too tight on you, or just looks strange! Sometimes the dress that you fall for on the rack just isn’t the one for you. Of course, it’s traditional to take your mum along too, so make a day of it, and build in a break for coffee and a catch up, too.


  • Traditional: as a bride, choices of Indian Wedding dresses are not only limited to sarees, and lehengas, but now it is acceptable to wear pishwas, and Salwar kameez too. These styles can be the most lovely, reflecting your heritage and the craftsmanship and traditions of your family’s region.
  • European: a white wedding dress with full skirts and a fitted bodice looks really stunning on an Indian bride, and you can add touches such as traditional Indian jewellery, bracelets, and bindis, or choose a tiara and veil instead.
  • Fusion: a combination of traditional Indian colours and embroideries with features of a European wedding dress, such as corseting and a full skirts, can look beautiful and unusual. You can choose from an array of rich colours in traditional Indian silks, to suit your taste and skin tone, and the style of embroidery you choose can be as exuberant or subtle as you like.


Choosing a photographer who’ll make you look beautiful in your Indian Wedding Dress


At Harvest Creative Media, we photograph every bride to look her glowing, gorgeous, best. So the hours you spent finding your ideal Indian Wedding Dress won’t be wasted. We choose the ideal background and lighting for the most flattering wedding portrait with your new husband and your family and guests. We shoot wedding videos for you in hi tech HD, which captures every detail of your gown and shows just how lovely you are. We’ll also edit it for you, and add music and titles. Whichever dress you choose, we’ll make sure to make the memories special.


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