So, you are planning your unforgettable wedding of a lifetime. That is great and congratulations on finding your one true love. Now the fun can really begin. You must find a wedding venue, make the guest list, plan the food, send out invites, and much, much more, but let’s start with tips for having your wedding in the winter.

Winter can be an amazing time of the year to have a wedding. During this season, wedding venues often offer substantial discounts and booking everyone to help with the wedding. Winter is beautiful and when planning your epic winter wedding, here are 5 essentials you will want to include.

  1. The Right Attire

A winter wedding offers the chance to include some amazing accessories to make the event all it can be and what to wear for you winter wedding will certainly be on your top list. For a winter wedding, strapless dresses and short gowns is a no go. Layers for your wedding dress and sleeves are essential. Creativity for your wedding dress will be your best defense against the cold while you are entering and leaving the venue. Wraps and robes for the bride and groom are common for a winter wedding as they can be used to stay warm outside and taken off once you enter the indoor venue. Versatility with your wardrobe will ensure you remain warm when you want to, but do not become overly hot in a heated venue.

  1. All That Glitters

Few seasons offer the chance to show off your bling like winter. Winter backdrops are often fitted with snow and having a little bling to stand out among the white backdrop can make your pictures pop. Glistening jewelry and rhinestone shoes can add just the right amount of flare on your special day. Add the bling to your personal attire as well as centerpieces and decorations to enjoy the full effect of rhinestones in winter.

  1. The Right Color Pallet

Your wedding color is one of the most important decisions you will make and during other seasons, you will have an array of options from bold hues to pastels. Winter offers some exceptional color options but limits certain ones as well. Winter weddings thrive on bold color choices and are often emphasized by notes of vibrant red and vivacious green as these are the colors most associated with Christmas. However, if your color of choice is not of the jolly variety, consider the muted tones of a blue wedding. Blue works effortlessly with natural white and is widely available in many decorations throughout the winter season. Blues of varying hues can also add splashes of color throughout your venue without appearing gaudy.

  1. The Right Venue

During most seasons, an outdoor wedding is an option, but during the winter, you will want to have most of your wedding festivities devoted to the great indoors. The only exception to this notion is pictures. Having a beautiful photoshoot outdoors, especially when the snow is covering the ground, is perfect.

Ensure your chosen wedding venue not only has an indoor setting large enough to accommodate your guests, but a credible heat source as well. Rustic venues are great but keeping everyone warm and comfortable during the wedding will be essential. For venues that lack modern heat amenities, investigate the potential to bring in temporary heat sources.

  1. Hot Drinks for Guests

Hopefully, your guests will dress for the occasion and remember to wear plenty of layers to ward off the cold, but there is one thing you can do to help them keep warm. Most weddings emphasize cold drinks at the bar, but during a winter wedding, you might want to opt for a few hot drink options. Hot mulled wine, a hot chocolate bar, or even hot cider are just a few warm drink options for your guests will certainly appreciate. A hot drink on a cold winter’s day is the best way to keep your guests feeling warm and cozy throughout the event.

Winter weddings do not receive near the attention they should. Winter is a beautiful time of year with a lot to offer and if you have yet to consider a winter wedding, here are just 5 ways to make it the best wedding ever. Winter offers substantial benefits, and it is often easier for family members to attend winter weddings as there is a lot less going on in their personal social calendar. Beat the competition and opt for the winter wedding of your dreams.

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