What is the best month to have a UK wedding?

When it comes to choosing your wedding day, you want to consider picking a meaningful date as this will be an annual celebration for life. So, what is the best month to get married? The real answer is there is no ‘perfect month’ to get married as the date you pick will be a special and sentimental day tailored to you both, depending entirely on what type of ceremony you are looking for. Picking a wedding date is a huge decision which is why we will give you a rundown of each month, helping you decide the best month for you to get married in the UK.


As the new year starts and new beginnings come into fruition, so can your marriage! Being the least popular month for marriages in the UK, meaning that prices will be more affordable and plenty of days or venues to choose from! However, seeing as January is right after Christmas, guests may be cutting the costs or starting new year resolutions such as losing a few pounds or cut down on drinking so not as inclined for that party spirit.


Being the month of love and romance, a February wedding would be a great time to tie the knot! With Valentine’s Day and your wedding day being in the same month, February will forever be a month of extra love and affection! Not forgetting previous February weather, it would be wise to choose a warm indoor venue.


The start of spring, as the days get longer and brighter making fresh and crisp settings for a wedding. As UK weather is unpredictable, you may have sun or you may have snow! It’s also useful to remember that Lent falls in March so guests maybe be giving up on some essential luxuries!


Rising in popularity, usually the month of Easter meaning you can benefit from the school holidays as guests may be more willing to travel. Similarly, a great month to travel on your annual anniversary as flights should be relatively cheap! Not forgetting April showers, once again with UK weather being unpredictable, it would be a shame to have a rainy wedding day.


Bank holidays and sunshine – sounds ideal for a wedding! The first month of the year with more reliable weather, May gives you the chance to plan a possible outdoor wedding and capture some epic sunset photos! If you are planning to use a bank holiday, make sure to tell your guests your planned date in advance so they save it for you!


The start of British summer time – calls for a celebration! If you believe in superstitions, then this is the month for you! June is considered a lucky month for weddings because it’s named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage. As summer weddings are extremely popular, demand will be high meaning higher prices. Booking much in advance is also necessary to guarantee availability.


It’s called wedding season for a reason! With high popularity, it is perfect for an outdoor wedding with warm and bright evenings putting everyone in a great mood to party!

If you are having a July wedding, be sure to hand out your invites early to avoid any clashes with other couples.


The popular of them all, August by far has the most UK weddings. It’s understandable, with beaming hot weather and school summer holidays, it’s hard to miss out on the opportunity. However due to its high popularity, summer weddings will be expensive as countless couples will be looking to say their I do’s then, meaning you will most likely be paying the highest price out of the whole year.


A September wedding may be the way to go if you want an outdoor reception with a slight breeze and some sunshine. As September isn’t in such high demand as the summer months, your venue will most likely be able to accommodate you on a more flexible schedule. 


There’s nothing quite like an Autumn wedding with golden crunchy leaves and lovely clear skies – just imagine the photography that will come out of it! October, whilst frostier, will be cheaper as the wedding season will officially start to wind down. However, points to consider will be the drastic temperature drop and the early nights!


If you want a winter wedding, November is the perfect month to go for. November will once again be a less expensive month due to the fact that it is not peak season, so if cost is a big factor, then this will be a great choice for you. Bonus of having Bonfire Night on this month, fireworks would be the perfect addition to your big day.


Because of the excitement and glamour that Christmas bring, December is an excellent and unique opportunity to tie the knot. A festive big day would be incredibly magical, and it’s a great chance to stand out – December can be seriously photogenic. Because it’s the busiest party season of the year, make sure you give guests plenty of notice.

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