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Harvest Creative Media is a video production company in Gloucestershire that specialises in creating top quality corporate videos from their conception to their completion. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we take their thoughts and ideas and transform them into a video that showcases their company, delivers their message and has a lasting impact on all who watch it. We can advise on all aspects of corporate video production especially on the length of the video as short and sharp videos definitely hold the attention of audiences best.

Gloucestershire’s Expert  Corporate Video Production Company

Corporate videos are an essential part of marketing and communicating with your customers. Corporate videos build engagement with customers, raise awareness of your brand or services, and raise conversion rates.  Harvest Creative Media is a video production company in Gloucestershire that is experienced in creating top quality, targeted videos that will really get your company noticed.  

Creating dynamic video content to deliver a message and interact with your audience is a powerful tool. The videographers at Harvest Creative Media know that ‘every picture is worth a thousand words’ and their footage will creatively capture the character, aims and standards of your company’s service or products and raise your brand’s awareness.

Harvest Creative Media offers a comprehensive range of corporate video services including conference filming, event coverage, case studies, new product launches, plus trailers, promos and recruitment campaigns – and all of these are not complicated to produce or too costly.

Corporate Video Production Examples



How are corporate videos made?

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A dedicated team at HCM will create a quality corporate video for your company from its conception to completion. They will work closely with you to understand your company, the aims of the video and to work to your budget. Using a wide variety of equipment including drone footage and 4k cameras, they will take your thoughts and creatively transform them into a targeted video that showcases your company, explains what you do and powerfully delivers your message, with a lasting impact on all who watch it. 


Points to consider… 

 If you are planning a promo video for your company, there are several points to consider:


  • How would you like your company portrayed?
  • What message do you want to deliver?
  • What is the USP (unique selling point) that makes your product/ special compared to your competitors?
  • Would you like the video to be classically styled, humorous or action-packed?
  • Customer testimonials are a great way to demonstrate why your products or services are the best to buy. If you video is for recruitment, an employee testimonial also works well.
  • Another approach is to use the frequently using the question- How to? The perfect solution to the problem posed is the use of your company’s product or services.   

Most companies seeking marketing video production do not want a hard sell, but prefer to give their customers an insight into the company’s history, the way their products are made or the positive impact that their products or services can have on their customers’ lives. As well as using the whole video as a marketing tool, you will be able to use clips from it to accompany regular updates to send to your established and potential customers.

Share Your Video

Once your corporate video has been made, you need to plan how best to share it with the world. Specialist staff at Harvest Creative Media will help you with a marketing and distribution plan to ensure that your video has the biggest impact possible resulting in the best return on investment for you and your company.


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