Sikh Wedding Videographer

The beauty of Sikh Weddings

It won’t be wrong to say that Sikh weddings, better known as Anand Karaj, are the most festive occasions among Sikh communities. They are extravagant occasions where friends, relatives and even friends of friends come together under a single roof and celebrate a joyous evening of dance, food, music and blessings for the couple. A single occasion stretches out on days of Milni, Braat and readings of the Lavans, making it a totally unique event. And it is to cover these unique events even more uniquely that we offer best Sikh wedding videography services.

Sikh Wedding Photos

Hindu Wedding Photography and Videography Wolverhampton
Hindu Wedding Photography and Videography Wolverhampton

. Fantastic photographer/videographer team. Captured our wedding perfectly. Great angles and super editing. Provided a personal service before and after the wedding. Remained in constant contact. Efficient delivery of final draft movie. No complaints whatsoever. Thank...

Sikh Wedding Videography


Our Expertise

With DSLRs available on affordable rates and social media websites becoming a platform for promotion of amateur photographers, it has become difficult for Sikh couples to choose a professional photographer who can creatively capture their once-in-a-lifetime event. But unlike those amateurs, it is our work that speaks. We are not bothered about the number of likes our Facebook page receives. We are well-established, successful and serving our valued customers since decades!

Ours is a small but highly talented and experienced company, which offers Sikh wedding videography services not just in UK but across the globe. We have a number of gifted employees who have expertise in different kinds of photography, videography and even editing. It is these dedicated artists who we simply connect to you so that your Big Days can be captured in the most generous manner.

Our attention to detail

Photography and videography are two such areas where special attention has to be paid towards even the smallest details, because it is these small aspects that eventually affect the quality of a photograph or video. And this is something that we excel at the most.

We capture your Sikh wedding in a way that emotions are glorified and couples’ postures are made to look very natural and intimate. The framing is done in a way that background reflects the mood, whereas our artistic use of light enhances the facial features of the bride and groom. And then of course there are our editors who spend a considerable amount of time on these photos and videos to enhance their quality before delivering you the final product. We proudly say that our Sikh wedding videography services are the best in town!

What distinguishes us?

We don’t make big claims, we only deliver. In essence, this is exactly what distinguishes us from other photography/videography companies.

We have professionals who have been covering Sikh wedding ceremonies for years, so they are aware of all the formalities. They closely know the kind of events that happen in a Sikh marriage; it enables them to focus better on capturing vital moments.

Our packages are simple and designed with affordability kept in mind. The most popular package is worth £350 where we offer four hours of filming. You can choose your own favourite package – in fact you can make us design an exclusive package for your very needs. Is there more we can do to better cover your wedding?

So, if you are looking for the best Sikh wedding videography service, give us a call at “0 7916816539” and our representative will be pleased to answer all your queries. Alternately, you can e-mail us at